Each concept is unique, but every one is striving for excellence and delivering value. 


Fine Dining

The cuisine is creative and unique, using the best ingredients.  It is an exceptional experience for the guests. This is a destination restaurant. 



The neighborhood’s favorite, perfect for Sunday night diner. A great value, very hospitable in a relaxed atmosphere with delicious food.


Farm to Table

All the ingredients are organic and seasonal, sourced from local farms. Food preparations like charcuterie, breads and cheeses are made in-house. Cooking is done over a wood fire and the flavors are fresh and earthy. 


Hotel Dining

A restaurant offering guests comfort and convenience at every meal, along with the discovery of the destination.  The excellent service of the hotel, continues through to the dinning room.



Applying the same inspiration and quality of ingredients in restaurant cooking to retail products, from breads and pastry, to dairy products, sauces and charcuterie.