Farm to White Tablecloth

The  Cakebread Ranch Restaurant sits on 230 acres in Star Valley, on the bank of the Salt River. The ranch has, a farm, a herd of Wagyu cattle and fly-fishing. The restaurant uses its own organic vegetables and Wagyu on the menu, complimented by ingredients from local farms. Wood burning oven and wood burning grill are the only cooking method. The menu is focused on the quality of ingredients, the natural taste of the food and the earthiness of the preparation. The restaurant’s general store sells a selection of house-made products, including jams, mustard, butter, and breads.

Fine Dining Seafood

This destination restaurant at the Madinat Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai lives above the seawater, on the pier. The newly renovated Pierchic has a menu focused on seafood and ingredients sourced from around the world, highlighting the best of the season. Preparations are based around Mediterranean flavors with bright color and bold flavor. The food combined with open water view, creates a leisurely and luxurious atmosphere like the Riviera. The menu features classic dishes - like a whole fish baked in salt crust, and bright new preparations - like ceviche and composed salads. 

New Jerky

New Jerky is a snack-food company with a mission to deliver the best quality jerky that can possibly be made. Meats are naturally raised, non-GMO and all other ingredients are organic. Currently in the final stage of development are multiple flavors designed to wow American retail consumers.